Your own personalised group booking platform to improve customer experience and minimise administration.

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Grow your travel or events business with less risk by making use of our on‑demand service with integrated customer support.


Accept online payments

Eventemo is a platform for any size of business that allows you to get set up and take payments in only 5 minutes! If your business takes bookings from groups, Eventemo helps you track all of your bookings in one, easy to manage tool. Eventemo is your fully PCI Compliant payment system that you don’t have to worry about.

Automated chasing

Eventemo automatically chases everyone in a group, by email or SMS, to encourage on-time payments. Eventemo will regularly update the lead booker with activity from their group and guests are able to manually nudge each other to pay if they wish. Eventemo will speed up chasing if a group is overdue and notify you on your dashboard of any groups that may not be meeting their deadlines, meaning less awkward and time consuming phone calls to your customers.

Automated instalments and balances

Chasing for payment, becomes a thing of the past. Each individual pays their share securely through eventemo using a debit or credit card. When paying a deposit, the balance is automatically scheduled for a future date. They can even spread the cost over a number of instalments leading up to the payment due dates set by you. All instalments are automated meaning guests only need to visit the site once.

Instant package changes and price amendments

When a group size changes, it can cause a real hassle for you and more so your customers, to make sure everyone has paid the correct amount. Eventemo has solved this problem with one bit of clever functionality. You can instantly switch a guest, and their payment plan, onto another package or adjust a package price which will notify guests and automatically update the amount they will pay or collect underpayments.

Integrated customer support

Scaling your business can involve a lot of risk. We aim to reduce one element significantly by becoming part of your team. All payment related queries from your customers will be handled by the Eventemo support team on your behalf meaning that there is no risk in implementing our system and we’re there with you all the way.

Deferred payment option

Get booking commitment more quickly with our lead booker deposit guarantee. The deferred payment option allows the lead booker to guarantee the deposit payment on behalf of their group, whilst the others pay their share, making it much easier for them to commit. Any remaining balance at the due date is charged to the lead booker automatically. This gives the lead booker peace of mind that their booking is secure and is great for large deposits to guarantee an event booking.

Introducing eventecard

Coming soon - Group spending money made easy. Eventecard offers your guests the option of contributing towards a group kitty for their event. Handled by the lead booker and fully integrated into the process, before the event the group receives a debit card pre-loaded with their kitty spending money in one of many currencies. This improves group dynamics as well as saving them money if travelling abroad. There are also significant benefits to your business when tying in with your suppliers as well as the ability to track your customer’s spend.


Eventemo can work alongside your existing systems and be purely customer facing. Use our simple API to connect eventemo to any essential software you may already be using in your booking workflow and let Eventemo handle customer interaction as well as automatically updating your internal system with all activity.

Bespoke features

Need a feature not listed here? Eventemo is backed up by a professional development team who regularly produce custom features for our clients. From ski hire or lift pass assignment, room allocation, menu choices for guests, if it’s a good idea, we can integrate it into Eventemo.

A branded payment system

Eventemo looks like it’s all yours! For clients using a merchant account, your platform will be fully white labelled, giving you a state of the art group booking system that’s continually kept up to date without the overhead. For smaller businesses, Eventemo is co-branded and you simply need to upload your logo and choose your colour scheme.


  • Virtually no training required
  • Greater booking commitment
  • Improved cash flow
  • Reduced cancellation


  • No upfront costs
  • No monthly cost
  • No contract
  • Just a small transactional fee

Integrate Eventemo into your current process and enjoy the benefits.

Here’s what our clients say:

"The introduction of Eventemo has revolutionised the way we operate. We have access to a myriad of useful stats and figures and we’ve seen our cashflow dramatically improve. The powerful functionality, backed by the Eventemo support team, allows us to compete with other high profile events management companies. We thoroughly recommend Eventemo." – Stephen McHugh, Founder, Hen and Stag
"Eventemo has been a positive addition to the business since its introduction to our business two years ago. The system has allowed us to streamline how we work, has reduced administration tasks considerably and fundamentally has enabled me to grow the business substantially." – Jo Bennett, Managing Director, Mojito Events

Here’s what their guests say:

"I think this is a much better way to pay rather than one group member having to collect money"

"Very quick, simple and user friendly system"

"The support team are brilliant!"

"Fast, efficient, easy to use"

"A helpful way of organising payments from large groups"

"First time using this but what a great idea!"

"Great idea to allow monthly payments"

"Very easy to use and hassle free"

"The payment plan system works well and very self explanatory"

"Excellent service and ensures everybody pays :o)"